Enabling Strategic Transformation

Columbia Business School NYC awarded a Certificate in Business Excellence to Pradeep Henry. The 2008 executive education program included a Strategy course by Rita McGrath.

Situation & Effort

Enterprises get poor business outcomes from transformation initiatives because they implement things recommended by a broken process. Pradeep Henry created resources that enable transformation teams to discover and design the right blend of technology and business improvements — the blend that can deliver strategic outcomes.

Created method

Business outcomes from transformation initiatives depend almost entirely on one thing: What you implement. Pradeep Henry created a method to help teams architect the right blend of technology and business innovations. The method comprises discovery-and-design steps driven by corporate strategy. Since this method takes you from strategy to architecture, it is called strategy translation. It is the first and most critical activity in every transformation initiative.

Created software product

Henry created a SaaS product called GoodScore. GoodScore empowers your team to discover and design a blend of technology and business improvements that can deliver targeted business outcomes. GoodScore prompts your team to perform robust discovery-and-design tasks, builds a powerful repository, and provides features to better manage the project.

Published CIO.com articles

As CIO.com Contributor, Henry authored nearly 30 strategy translation articles.

Wrote eBook

Henry wrote the eBook "Strategy translation." This book describes a discovery-and-design method to create the right blend of technology and business innovations.

Advising international strategy conferences


Strategic Management Society's conferences are the world's premium events on strategy. Pradeep Henry reviews and recommends papers for these conferences. SMS Thanks