Enabling strategic transformation of enterprises

Ongoing: Enterprises

Columbia Business School NYC awarded a Certificate in Business Excellence to Pradeep Henry. The 2008 executive education program included a Strategy course by Rita McGrath.


SITUATION: Enterprises get poor outcomes from typical transformation initiatives: corporate goals unfulfilled, existing business messed up, and big money squandered
EFFORT: Created resources (software product, method, eBook, and articles) that enable enterprises to choose the right blend of business and technology innovations to implement

INNOVATION: Created a corporate strategy driven method for discovery-and-design aka strategy translation.

SOFTWARE: Created software product called GoodScore, which helps teams execute and manage the strategy translation process.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Founded a startup to bring the software to enterprises.

PUBLISHING: Wrote eBook "Strategy Translation." Wrote nearly 30 strategy translation articles as CIO.com Contributor.

OUTPUTS: 1. Method. 2. Software product. 3. eBook. 4. CIO.com Articles. 5. Startup.

OUTCOMES: At this point, a reasonable guess is: organizations that used some of the resources may have already achieved better customer and financial outcomes
SUCCESS: Enterprises should give success reports post pandemic

Created method

Business outcomes that a transformation generates depend almost entirely on one thing: what you implement. Pradeep Henry created a method to help teams architect the right blend of technology and business innovations. The method comprises discovery-and-design steps driven by corporate strategy. Since this method takes you from strategy to architecture, it is called strategy translation. It is the first and most critical activity in every transformation initiative.

Created software product

Henry created a software product called GoodScore. GoodScore prompts teams through a corporate strategy driven discovery-and-design method. GoodScore also provides features that help make the method effective:

Wrote eBook

Henry wrote the eBook "Strategy translation." This book describes a discovery-and-design method to create the right blend of technology and business innovations.

Published articles

As CIO.com Contributor, Henry authored nearly 30 strategy translation articles.

International strategy conferences


Strategic Management Society's conferences are the world's premium events on strategy. Since 2016, Pradeep Henry been asked to review strategy process papers submitted for Toronto, London, Minneapolis, and Berlin conferences. SMS Thanks