Oil-drilling model

Innovation to enable change

What is oil-drilling model?

The oil drilling model is a method to discover and design a combination of software and business change that has strategic potential. Using the resulting integrated architecture, the software team implements the software as they always did and the business team implements changes to business. The combination of software and business change helps generate targeted strategic outcomes.

That too many companies jump in feet first without fully assessing fitness for purpose or potential strategic opportunities seems to be at the heart of what you’re saying – and I think that’s right. C-suite executive



Interestingly, the oil-drilling model is an outgrowth of PCD or business process centric user interface design. Pradeep Henry created the oil-drilling model’s first version around 2005. It was called process-efficient technology (PET) because the focus then was on creating efficient business processes. How did Henry turn PET into a strategy-driven method? An important input was executive education at Columbia Business School NYC and reviews by Columbia faculty and executive participants.


Oil companies no longer drill before they have first located oil. Likewise, organizations should no longer commit to implement software before they have first ensured that they have a combination of software and business change having strategic potential. The oil-drilling model borrows from oil industry’s 3 crucial steps that span the broad tasks of discovery and design:

  1. Locate. Discover a combination of business processes collectively called reservoir that has the potential – if redesigned in specific ways – to generate targeted strategic outcomes
  2. Prepare. Purposefully redesign the reservoir and while doing so discover software – to realize the strategic potential identified
  3. Drill. Design the software's business side, which comprises business processes to be encapsulated in the software and user interface.

Principles and templates

Seven principles guide the execution of the oil-drilling model. The method also has templates for capturing organizational strategic agenda, etc.


Oil-drilling model is executed by an experienced business analyst trained in the strategy-driven discovery and design method.

Who is using the oil-drilling model?

The oldest precursor of the oil-drilling model (see “Origins” above) has been used in a dozen projects for global companies. Credentials below suggest interest in business-centric software methods.

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Business process management conference

A fundamental in the oil-drilling model is the bringing together of technology and business change. Business change is typically in terms of process innovation. Henry, supported by his team at Cognizant, featured Business Process Management (BPM) pioneer Mark McGregor at a BPM conference in Mumbai, India (this conference was also the first in the country on this topic).