Innovations to enable change

To make change happen, Pradeep Henry did several things. One of them: create software practice innovations. Henry has created outcome-driven methods for 3 different software sub-disciplines.

Strategy driven discovery-and-design

Translate strategy into architecture using steps analogus to oil drilling. The architecture combines technology and business change. New value: business innovation that generates strategic outcomes targeted by the organization. Click

Business process centric user interface design

Design software user interface (UI) using principles and methods used in business process design. New value: business process improvements that generate measurable new levels of productivity gains for the organization. Click

Software usability driven technical writing

Integrate the structure and writing of all information elements (manuals, Help, messages, and UI labels). New value: improved software usability. Click

What others say

These methods (or their precursors) have been used in dozens of projects and have garnered global interest as well. Quotes about each innovation are shown in the corresponding page.

A Computer Society of India publication features all three innovations.

Henry's name is synonymous with innovation. TheWeek