UCID (whole donut approach)

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What is UCID?

UCID is a user-centered approach to technical writing (or user assistance development). UCID requires the integration and streamlining of all the four information elements that software users interact with: printed manuals, online Help, messages, and user interface labels. Integration and streamlining ensure that all the information elements work together and serve the new higher objective, which is "improved software usability."

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Pradeep Henry created UCID. His first ideas originated in the late 80s while working on software development projects executed for IBM offices worldwide. He improved on the idea based on knowledge gained through a software usability course he took at UC Berkeley (Extn) in 1994-95. Henry shared the approach in his book published in 1998 by Artech House, USA.



UCID is executed by a technical writer trained in usability or user-centric design.

Did UCID influence the tech writing discipline?

The first project, where a precursor of UCID was used, involved the development of a large software product for IBM Nordic Lab, Sweden in 1989-1992.

UNISYS, USA offered company-wide UCID training to their technical writing staff. In response to their request, Henry produced a video introduction to the training, which was based on his book. Video title: “Intro to Usability-Driven Technical Communication” (May 29, 2002)

WritersUA, USA hosts a premier user assistance conference every year. Downloaded on January 03, 2013, the tagline (Better UX Through Better UA) at WritersUA.com is a lot more catchier than – but means exactly the same as – the title of the UCID book of the 90s. This might – just might – suggest influence or popularity of UCID back then.

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Publications about the method

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Favorable reviews by ACM, IEEE, and American Library Association

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